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Using your Agent Preferences

You can set up defaults called Agent Preferences to specify how particular aspects of the MLS software will work best for you.

For example, you can use the Preferred Report Format field to specify the default report format you want to use when running and sending reports from the MLS.

To access your Agent Preferences — From the Admin menu, choose Your Preferences.

Preferences are organized into tabs (similar to file folders), which can be expanded and collapsed using the plus and minus icons located next to each section heading.

Click the icons to expand or collapse all sections at once.

Be sure to click the Save button in the MLS toolbar after making any changes.

TIP: Click the icon next to any preference field for detailed information on how to use that preference.

NOTE: For preferences with check boxes, a check in the box indicates “yes,” you do want that item to apply; an unchecked box indicates “no,” you do not want that item to apply.

TIP: View the video tutorial entitled "Your Preferences" on the Learning Center for a quick overview of this feature. The Learning Center can also be accessed directly from the Help menu.

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